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We appreciate the trust you have placed in us at The Magic of Learning. We believe that Parents are the most important people in their Child's life. We will make every effort possible to be supportive to you as a Family.

The Magic of Learning strives to provide for the needs of the whole Child's social, emotional, intellectual and physical well being. We will provide a safe, positive, loving home-like environment where Children are encouraged and applauded for their accomplishments.

Each Child in our care is enriched and inspired through activities in math, science, language, literacy skills, and is led to interact socially in a respectful manner. It is our belief that every Child needs to be able to experience the simple joy of being a child, to discover and experiment in a child-like way. Children will also learn to develop self -control and become aware of their actions and how they might affect others.

Our program is a balance of freedom to make choices when choices are given, and the ability to follow Teacher directions in a structured setting. We allow Children the time to BE Children, to discover, in an environment prepared specifically for Children's needs. Above all else, we strive to enrich Children's lives, to foster independence and show Children a world of learning.
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