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Parents are encouraged to volunteer to help enrich our program. You may have a great craft idea, or simply come in and read to the Children. We are always looking for guest Parents/speakers with time to share their expertise and experiences. Our thematic approach offers a variety of subjects and interest areas, with opportunities for YOU to come forward and share your skill/knowledge/enthusiasm with the Children. Please let the Director know if you wish to participate. We have an Open Door policy with our Parents.

From time to time we may ask for materials for crafts and projects that Parents can collect for us in advance: paper towel rolls, margarine tubs, baby food jars, old magazines etc. All donations are greatly appreciated. Please let us know if you are able to help.

Holiday parties are also a great opportunity for you to volunteer. You may wish to sign up to provide disposable tableware or decorations. We will post a sign-up for treats and other items needed for these events. (Although homemade goods are delicious, we are not able to serve them here due to State Health Regulations.)

We welcome you to observe your Child. Please be aware of our daily scheduled activity times and make an effort to come when it is less disruptive to our "group" activity times. The Children enjoy a consistent schedule and variation from the scheduled routine can have an undesirable effect on the group. We will make every effort to accommodate you. We want you and your child to feel comfortable here at our Center.
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